DO Wall mount, 160 Series

The OBM-162A is a 4-wire dissolved oxygen analyzer housed in a robust, die-cast aluminum enclosure, making it ideal for installation and use out in the field.

It runs on adjustable-voltage AC power supply. This model features a dual transmission output with a range 4~20mADC (including solution temperature), and comes with a dual 2-point alarm contact output (upper and lower limits, form A contact). It is also equipped with a dedicated electrode and electrode lead, which are used to detect damage of the membrane. Combined detector is a polarographic dissolved oxygen electrode.


  • Adjustable transmission output range: The transmission output range can be easily reconfigured within 0~50mg/L, in increments of 0.01mg/L, with a minimum width of 1.00mg/L.
  • Self-diagnosis of electrode quality during calibration: Error codes for "Zero calibration error", "Span calibration error" and "Unstable response" are issued when the electrode quality deteriorates to an unacceptable level
  • Temperature display and output: The instrument displays the temperature of the sample and provides a transmission output of 4~20mADC.
  • Measurement value conversion: Measured values can be converted to a concentration value better suited to operation management needs.
  • Easy operation via external rainproof keys on the front: The OBM-162A comes with 10 rainproof keys on the front of the instrument. Thus, there is no need to open the enclosure when performing operations.
  • Automatic return to measurement mode: If the instrument remains in maintenance mode for two hours, it can automatically return to measurement mode.
  • Calibration history: The date, time, current value, and temperature at the time of calibration can be saved automatically up to 10 times. This makes it easy to save information for future reference.

Optional features

  • 100VAC output for cleaner control: This feature is required when using the instrument with a water jet cleaner or pulsed air jet cleaner.
  • RS-232C output: A special extension cable can be connected to the RS- 232C digital communication interface, making it possible to transfer data to a computer.
  • Membrane damage detection feature (It cannot be added in the field due to factory option.) The instrument uses a dedicated electrode and electrode lead to detect damage to the membrane.
DO Wall mount, 160 Series
DO Wall mount, 160 Series