Salt Analyzer

Fast and accurate salt / chloride measurement using the Coulometric Titration Technique

The SAT-500 salt / chloride analyzer is designed to measure the concentration of salt and chloride ions quickly and easily in all types of products and where low level chloride measurement is required. It is an extremely helpful tool in the busy QA/QC lab or where high accuracy and quick analysis time is required.


  • Typical measurement time is under 30 seconds.
  • Extremely accurate.
  • Absolute method. No silver nitrate reagent is used. titrant standardization is not necessary.
  • Simply dispense the sample with a pipette into the measuring cell. Measurement begins automatically.
  • Built in printer
  • Direct concentration displayed on instrument display.
  • Data memory for 300 results
  • Optional PC software is available for spreadsheet data control/archive
  • Dilution ration and sample size are settable
The SAT-500 salt / chloride analyzer
The SAT-500 salt / chloride analyzer

Measuring Principle:

The SAT-500 is a dedicated coulometric titrator for chloride. Silver is stripped from the cathode, a pure silver wire, via an electrical current. By incorporating Coulombs law, very low levels of silver can be generated which in turn complex with the chloride in solution from the sample. The solution potential is monitored with a silver wire and reference electrode sensing system to determine the end point of the reaction, the point at which all the chloride ions have complexed with silver, forming a silver chloride precipitate.

The instrument calculates the concentration and the results are automatically displayed and printed out in %(w/v), %(w/w), mg/l, or mol/l as NaCl or Cl (selectable).


Measuring Range and resolution 2ul pipette: 0.01 - 49.99% (+/- 0.01%)
20ul pipette: 0.001 to 4.999% (+/- 0.001%)
200ul pipette: 0.0001 to 0.4999% (+/- 0.0001%)
Other: 0.000 to 99.99% (depends on calibration solution concentration)
Lower limit 0.02% at 200ul sample
0.2% at 20 ul sample
2.0% at 2ul sample
Repeatability less than 0.5% in c.v. value at 1% of NaCl standard solution with 20ul pipette
Calculation constant Possible to set dilution ratio, constants, ec.
Calibration Automatic single point calibration using standard NaCl solution
Measurement Start Automatic start on detection of potential change or manual start using key
Printer Built in thermal printer
Data Memory 300 data points (with backup)
Outputs RS-232C (for PC or Ext. Printer)
Output 1 (for auto injector)
Output 2 (for Sample Changer)
Power source AC line, 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption Approx. 20VA (Max)
Dimensions (mm) Main: 190(w) x 192(h) x 385(d)
Measuring section: 110(w) x 370(h) x 220 (d)
Weight Main: 3.3Kg, Meas. section: 1.1Kg

Main Unit

SAT-500-0-2-B-0-B Salt analyzer complete with standard accessories

Standard Accessories for the SAT-500

Part Number Description
AG-111 Silver Electrode (2 pcs.)
SAT-AG Silver wire for electrolysis (1 pce.)
ELR-003 Reference Electrode (1 pce.)
6784580K reference junctions (2 pcs)
SAT-1F1 Electrolyte 500 mls.
SAT-1G1 Addition Reagent, Gelatin 50 mls.
SAT-1Z1 Polishing compound 50 mls.
SAT-1E1 Reference electrode filling solution (potassium sulfate) 100 mls.
SAT-B20 measuring cell, 20 ml capacity (2 pcs.)
SAT-SB Stirrer 1 unit
SAT-1A1 10% NaCl standard Solution (for 2ul syringe) 100 mls.
SAT-1A2 1% NaCl standard Solution (for 20ul syringe 100 mls.
SAT-SB Stir Bar (5 x 17mm) (2 pcs.)
PAP-HCS Thermal Printer Paper 5 rolls/pack
HEX-ACL3 power cord
SAT-INST Instruction Manual 1 copy

Micro dispenser selection

Part Number Description Measuring Range Recommended Std solution
AIC-MM-10 Absolute pipette, setable from 1-10ul SAT-1A1 (10% NaCl)
AIC-MM-50 Absolute pipette, setable from 20-50ul Most recommended SAT-1A2 (1% NaCl)
AIC-MM-250 Absolute pipette, setable from 50-250ul
AIC-CP-10 Capillary pistons, for MM-10
AIC-CP-50 Capillary pistons, for MM-50
AIC-TC-376 Capillary pistons, for MM-250


OSZ00018 2ul Micro glass pipette dispenser 0.00 - 49.99% SAT-1A1 (10% NaCl)
OSZ00021 20ul Micro glass pipette dispenser 0.000 - 4.999% SAT-1A2 (1% NaCl)
OSZ00024 200ul Micro glass pipette dispenser 0.0000 - 0.4999% by dilution of std solution
OSZ00019 capillary for 2ul dispenser, glass 100pcs/box
OSZ00020 Replacement parts kit, 2ul kit
OSZ00022 capillary for 20ul dispenser, glass 100pcs/box
OSZ00023 Replacement parts kit, 20ul kit
OSZ00025 capillary for 200ul dispenser, glass 100pcs/box
OSZ00026 Replacement parts kit, 200ul kit

Options selection

Part Number Description
EPS-G -0 External Printer Unit
OGC00003 Cable for EPS-G external printer
P000119 Paper for EPS-G external printer
ORD00001 Ink Ribbon cartridge for External printer unit
G-LOG-2 Data Logging software
OGC00002 RS-232 Cable, 2m