pH/ORP Transmitters, 2wire, CP series

Industrial Process pH and ORP Meters

General Information

The DKK-TOA Industrial process control pH and ORP analyzers and transmitters are available from Analyticon with many options and configurations to suit an entire range of applications. As a leader in analytical sensor technology, many years of expertise and innovation have been incorporated into the finest process control equipment in the world.

Every process monitoring environment will have unique requirements including sensor configuration of the electrode, including submersible flow thru type cells, system pressure and voltage requirements, indoor/outdoor applications, data logging requirements, and electrode maintenance issues.

It is very important to know all of the parameters for the particular measurement you will be making. If you need additional information, please have all this information available when contacting Analyticon in order to be able to process your request.

Industrial pH Control

The PCP-20T series pH analyzers/transmitters are designed as outdoor controllers incorporating a 2 wire signal and low voltage(24vdc) or intrinsically safe control. For additional information please request the PCP-20T/SHBM-161 PDF specification sheet.

Industrial ORP Control

The RCP-20T series ORP transmitters are also similar to the PCP-20T series transmitters and designed as outdoor ORP controllers.

pH/ORP Transmitters, 2wire, CP series
pH/ORP Transmitters, 2wire, CP series