Continuous Oil on Water Monitors

This meter can continuously measure oil content in water, such as plant effluent, by means of an ultraviolet fluorescent method.

This measurement method directly radiates ultraviolet ray to sample water, which is overflowed from a measurement tank, and measure the oil content by identifying a specific wavelength of fluorescence amount, which emits from the sample water.


  • Continuous measuring device
    This device adopts an ultraviolet fluorescent method, and no extraction operation are required. Therefore, there is no influence of turbidity. This make the continuous measurement possible.
  • No risk of secondary pollution
    This device does not use any extract agent of addition agent, and there is no risk of any secondary pollution.
  • No influence of dirt on a cell
    The overflow measurement method does not use glass windows. Therefore, unlike a traditionally cell method, there is little influence of dirt.
  • Easy maintenance
    Maintenance is very easy because there are no moving parts.
Continuous Oil on Water Monitors
Continuous Oil on Water Monitors