Suspended Solids

SS Concentration Monitor

DKK-TOA manufactures three versions of suspended solids concentration analyzers according to the concentration level of the sample. Each version includes a sensor combined with a unique cleaning system and an indicator/transmitter unit. The most frequently used technique in sewage processes is the activated sludge method. The SSD series provides an indispensable tool for effective control of these types of process.


  • High accuracy: Each model has a specific construction, designed for a particular concentration range, ensuring high accuracy over long periods.
  • Simple installation: Immersion type sensor can be easily mounted on existing structures such as handrails etc. Maintenance inspection can be conveniently carried out by simply withdrawing the unit out of the sample.
  • No sample stagnation: Fresh sample flows into the sensor driven by piston reciprocation. This prevents sample stagnation and ensures correct and representative measurement.
  • Minimal effect from background ambient light: Since sample is drawn in by piston reciprocation, natural light is prevented from entering the measurement cell.
  • Pipe mounting device: Sensor can be directly inserted into process piping if required (requires optional adapter).
  • Equipped with built-in lightning arrester: Preventing damage caused by lightning surges through power or transmission line.
Suspended Solids Trasmitter
Insertion/Retraction Equipment
Insertion/Retraction Equipment
Suspended Solids sensor