Immersion Free Chlorine Transmitter & Sensor

Immersion type of free chlorine analyzer.


  • Drop-in type detector
  • Sampling pump is not required. It prevents evaporable of residual chlorine and delay of the measurement while the sample water is flowing in the sampling line.
  • Measurement point can be changed by changing fixing point of the detector
  • Was immersed directly into the standing water and water distribution of clean water, continuous measurement by means of non-reagent-type polarographic method (FREE) free chloriner
  • The continuous bead wash, the detector can be measured to have long-term stability.
  • Small and light design, installation and relocation easy.


  • Method: eccentric rotation electrode type polarographic method
  • Measurement Object: Free Chlorine in the sample water
  • Electrode cleaning method: beads cleaning by spinning of swing rotary
  • Meas. Range:
    1. 0~1/2mg/L 2 range manual switching
    2. 0~1/3mg/L 2 range manual switching
    3. 0~2/3mg/L 2 range manual switching
  • Sample Condition:
    pH: 5.8~8.6pH
    Cond. : Over 8mS/m (Over 80μS/cm)
    Temp.: 0~40℃ (Not to be freeze)
    Flow rate: within 0.1m/s
  • Output: DC4-20mA
  • Power: AC100~240mA(Road resistance: Under 85%RH) insulated type
Immersion Free Chlorine Transmitter & Sensor
Immersion Free Chlorine Transmitter & Sensor