Electromagnetic Conductivity/Conc. Meter

The MDM-25A is a Portable electromagnetic conductivity/concentration meter and can be a field operated Instrument for measuring conductivity in applications where typical conductivity cells cannot be used due to the sample conditions.

Highly acidic or Alkaline solutions can be easily measured with the sensor constructed of PVC or PFA. The Principle of the sensor uses electromagnetic induction and can measure high concentration values.

The unit is capable of measuring conductivity at depths of up to 10 meters. The LCD display shows all appropriate parameters, has minimal maintenance and does not require daily calibration.


  • Direct Sample Measurement, Continuous
  • Moisture proof unit
  • Conductivity or Concentration by electromagnetic induction
  • Rugged compact sensor with standard 3 meter cable.
  • Slim Design Sensor (30mm) with ability to measure at depths of 100 meters.
  • Data Memory for 100 samples.
  • Coefficient compensation function for data.
  • 100 hours of use time with batteries
Electromagnetic Conductivity/Conc. Meter
Electromagnetic Conductivity/Conc. Meter


Measuring Method Electromagnetic Conductivity/Concentration by induction
Indication LCD Display, 4 digit
Units: S/m (uS/m, mS/m), S/cm (uS/cm)
Range: Conductivity: 0 to 200 S/m @ 25C, (0 to2000mS/cm)
Temperature: -5.0C to 120 degrees C.
Display Auto 5 ranges or manual
0.0-20.00mS/m, 0.0-200.0mS/m, 0.000-2.000S/m, 0.00-20.00 S/m, 0.0 -200.0S/m
Conc. Display: H2SO4:0.00-30.00, 40-80, 93-99.5%
Resolution Conductivity: Depends on scale, +/- 1 digit
Temperature: 0.1 C
Analog Output (Factory Opt.) Conductivity: 0 to 200 mV F.S.
Temperature: 0 to 1V F.S. (Simultaneous)
Power Source 6x "C" cells or AC adapter (option)
Dimensions / weight Main Body: 250mm(W) x 160(H) x 95(D)
Approx.: 2.3 Kgs
Sensor: 60mm(diam)
Approx. 3kg

Ordering Information FOR MDM-25A

MDM-25A-0-1-E Portable Electromagnetic Conductivity/Concentration Meter, PVC, 3m cable
Portable meter with digital LCD display which measures Conductivity. Unit comes complete with sensor (3m cable), shoulder belt, manual and batteries.

Accessories and Consumables for MDM-25A

sensor-25A Sensor with 3m cable. ( 25A03, Standard with main unit)
Sensor-25A5 Sensor with 5m cable
Sensor-25A10 Sensor with 10m cable
DO-SB Shoulder belt.
YD-12 AC adapter. (230VAC or 115AC, Specify)