Sugar Analyzer

Dedicated ion chromatograph for sugar analysis

The Sugar Analyzer is designed to simultaneously measure either 5 types of sugars and ethanol or 7 kinds of sugar alcohols quickly and easily in many types of samples. It incorporates a very simple operation for the routine lab where high accuracy and quick analysis time is required with minimal skill. Minimal filtration and or dilution of sample may be necessary prior to measurement depending upon sample.


  • Simple and Fast-Inject the sample and wait approximately 15 minutes. The result are automatically printed out.
  • Built in Automatic Data Processing function. PC control is not required
  • Compact size. Pump, detector, oven, and data processor in 1 unit.
  • Low total cost for performance and function
  • Built in printer and large LCD display
  • Multi sampler option for automatic measurement
  • Ease of maintenance. All access from the front of the instrument.

Measuring Principle

The SU-300 uses the principle of pulsed amperometry by ion chromatography. Application examples include:

  • Raw food materials
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Soft drinks
  • Nutritious drinks
  • etc.
Sugar Analyzer
Sugar Analyzer

Main Unit

SU-300 Sugar Analyzer complete with standard accessories

Measuring Method and Item

Measuring Method Ion Chromatography, pulsed amperometry Method
Measurement Item Sugar Mode: Ethanol, Glucose, Fructose, lactose, Saccharose, Maltose
Sugar Alcohol mode: Inositol, Erythritol, Xylitol, arabitol, sorbitol, mannitol, multitol

Measurement Range

Measurement Item Low Concentration High concentration
Sugar Mode: Ethanol 0.2 -4g/L 4-30 g/L
Sugar Mode: Glucose 10.0 - 100mg/L 100 - 300mg/L
Sugar Mode: Fructose, lactose 10.0 - 100mg/L 100 - 750mg/L
Sugar Mode: Saccharose, maltose 20.0 - 100mg/L 100 - 750mg/L
Sugar Alcohol Mode: Inositol, Erythritol 10.0 - 100mg/L
Sugar Alcohol Mode: Xylitol, arabitol, sorbitol, mannitol, multitol 10.0 - 200mg/L

More Specifications

Repeatabilty C.V. Value 3% at concentration of calibration solution
Sample Inject Manual Sample injection and valve change over
Sample measurement Loop-cut method, loop capacity: 10ul
Measure time sugar mode: 30 min/batch. Sugar alcohol mode: 18 minutes/batch
Calibration One point calibration by specific calibration solution
Column oven

room temperature

Data Process Integrated
Detector Method; pulsed amperometry method (gold electrode)
Cell Part; Room temperature. preheater is configuredprior to cell: temp. 40 +/- 4C
Display Graphic LCD display
Printer Thermal printer, built in
Ambient Temp. 10-32C
Ooutput Analog: 0-1VDC, Digital RS-232C
Auto Sampler Option, connector is provided
Power Source AC line, 50/60 Hz (110v, 115v, 120v, specify)
Power Consumption Approx. 130VA (Max)
Dimensions (mm) Main: 190(w) x 469(h) x 530(d) mm
Weight Main: 17 Kg approx.

Standard Accessories for the SAT-500

Part Number Description Qty
P000038 Sample Injection Syringe, 1 ml (1 pce.)
136D363 1/16" injection Needle (1 pce.)
P000039 Air removal syringe set 1 set
  Sample loop (10ul) 1 pce.
  Spanner, 6x8, 8x10 1 pce.
  Hex wrench (1.5, 2.5, 3mm) 1 each
  Cell Spacer 5 pcs.
  Plunger seal replacement 1 pce.
  Tank introduction tube 1 pce.
  Saturated KCl solution 100 mls
  Reference electrode
  Gold electrode
  Electrode Polsihing kit
  Power cord (1 pce.)
  Grounding wire (1 pce.)
PAP-HCS Thermal chart recorder Paper 2 rolls
Manual Instruction manual 1 copy
Manual Short form manual 1 copy

Note: Column, guard column, fluent and standard solution for calibration are separately sold.

Sugar Measurement - Columns

Item No. Commodity name
PCI-520 Sugar analysis Column
PCI-510G Guard Column for sugar analysis column


Part Number Description
PCI-510GD Replacement disk for PCI-510G, 5 pcs.
PAP-HCS Thermal Printer Paper (5 rolls/pack)
118B412 Connection cable for 1 unit of SU-300
118B413 Connection cable for 2 units of SU-300
ICA200AS Automatic Sampler for up to 80 samples. (Cooling function available, factory option)