Multi Parameter Water Quality Meter, WQC-22A

Measures pH, DO, Conductivity, Turbidity, and Temp.

The WQC-22A Water Quality Checker is a battery operated field instrument for measuring pH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Conductivity, and NaCl. All necessary probes are housed in a singe unit which is immersed in the sample to be measured. Optional accessories allow for stirring and data logging. The LCD display shows all appropriate parameters and an easy to follow calibration procedure.


  • Simple calibration
  • Moisture proof unit
  • Turbidity as NTU(formazine) or mg/l (Kaolin)using 90 degree light scattering method
  • Rugged sensor with standard 2 meter cable
Multi Parameter Water Quality Meter, WQC-22A
Multi Parameter Water Quality Meter, WQC-22A


WQC-22A Multiparameter Water Quality Checker.
Portable unit with digital LCD display which measures pH, temperature, DO, conductivity, turbity and salinity. Unit comes complete with sensor (2m cable), 4.01 & 6.86 pH buffers, electrolyte, DO membranes and shoulder belt.

Accessories and Consumable Items for WQC-22A

WMS-22A Sensor with 2m cable.
WMS-22A10 Sensor with 10m cable
WMS-22A15 Sensor with 15m cable
WMS-22A30 Sensor with 30m cable
HGS-300 Cartridge pH glass electrode.
HS-20B Cartridge pH reference electrode.
OE-20B Cartridge DO electrode.
R-5C Electrolyte, 50 ml bottle.
OCT-5020 DO electrode membranes, 3 per pack.
DO-SB Shoulder belt.
YD-12 AC adapter.

Options for WQC-22A*

WM-ANALOG Analog output, 0 to 100 mV full scale.
Continuous temperature output and selectable single channel output for DO, pH, EC & turbidity.
WQ22A-STR Submersible stirrer.
891071 Sensor Protection Tube

* Note: All options must be specified when ordering WQC-22A.