Turbidity Monitor

Turbidity Analyzer

This analyzer continuously measures the turbidity of water for public consumption, sewage, river water and water used in industrial processes. It provides both indication and output signals. The analyzer operates on the principle of surface scattering of light. A light flux is applied to an overflowing water surface and the resultant light scattering is measured.

Model TUH-100 continuously measures, indicates, and signals turbidity of water for public consumption, sewage, river water, and water for industrial industries. The analyzer operates on the principle of light scattering on water surface. Light flux is applied to the sample water overflow from measurement tank and the resultant scattering of light is measured.


  • Unique debubbling system provides effective removal of bubbles present in the sample prior to measurement.
  • Newly developed measurement system eliminates interference from any bubbles not removed by the debubbling system (patent pending).
  • The light source illuminates the sample directly. This provides enhanced illumination with 3 times higher dynamic range (compared to previous model).
  • Optical system has been designed to minimise interference from stray light. This increases the S/N ratio.
  • Unique design and construction reduces the number of individual components (patent pending). Maintenance requirements have been minimised providing excellent cost of ownership advantages. The use of aluminium for major components provides excellent corrosion resistance and enables easy recycling at the end of the service life.
  • LED indicator provides immediate, visible indication of instrument status. Continuously illuminated indicates normal operation, flashing indicates instrument fault.
Turbidity Monitor
Turbidity Monitor