Organic Pollution Monitor

The Organic Pollution Monitor UV Meter provides a reliable, low maintenance solution for organic pollution monitoring.

The Model OPM-410 is an automated organic pollution monitor and performs measurements based on UV absorptiometry. The instrument is the result of over 10 years continuous product development and this accumulated technology has resulted in advanced features such as an improved direct submersion type detector which eliminates the need for any extractive sampling equipment and a construction designed for low maintenance.


  • Direct insertion detector
    Extractive sample conditioning system is not required. The direct insertion detector eliminates the need for complex sample conditioning and pump systems, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance requirements.
  • Self-diagnostics
    The instrument continuously performs internal checks to ensure correct operation.
  • Compact and lightweight design
    Weight of the sensor section has been reduced by 75% (compared to previous model) making handling and installation much simpler. The main instrument frame is made from lightweight FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastics), which has the additional advantage of being corrosive resistant.
  • Accurate calibration
    Zero/Span calibration can be accurately performed using the stabilization monitoring function. Automatic temperature correction works with span calibration using standard solutions (potassium hydrogen phthalate).
  • Easy span check
    Span check can be simply carried out using a built-in optical calibration filter.
  • Wide measurement range and automatic range switching
    Absorbance up to 2.5Abs can be measured with manual/automatic range switching (4 ranges available).
  • Accurate turbidity correction
    Built-in turbidity correction function accurately corrects for the turbidity value.
  • COD conversion output
    Output signal for "UV absorbance minus VIS (visible light) absorbance" can be provided as a COD conversion value.
  • Sample extraction version also available
    By installing the optional sample-receiving tank, the measurement can be performed by extracting sample from the process stream.
Organic Pollution Monitor
Organic Pollution Monitor