HC-8 Series Immesion Sensors

HC-8 series pH/ORP Flow Thru Electrode Holders, Industrial Process pH and ORP Meters

General Information

The DKK-TOA Industrial process control pH and ORP analyzers and transmitters are available from Analyticon with many options and configurations to suit an entire range of applications. As a leader in analytical sensor technology, many years of expertise and innovation have been incorporated into the finest process control equipment in the world.

HC-8 Series Immesion Sensors
HC-8 Series Immesion Sensors

Flow Thru Electrodes, Holders and Mounting options

THe HC-8 flow thru sensors consists of an electrode and its holder. It is used for pH/ORP measurement in a closed loop line under a process pressure. For example, pipes or tightly closed tanks. Electrodes for this series are classified into two types. The KCL supply type and the KCL no supply type(NOS).

Two types of sensor configurations are available. The case (chamber) type mounted on the bypass line with a flange, and the direct insertion type connected to the pipe or tank wall with screw threads or a flange.

For Immersion type electrodes and holders, refer to the HC-7 series information.

KCL Supply type Electrodes

There are many types of flow thru elecrode configurations available with various materials and connections to deal with a wide variety of applications.

Inline threaded or flange mount, retractable mount, small flow measurement, pressurized and non pressurized, heat resistant and chemical resistant, HF resistant, pH and ORP measurements are possible.

For stable and continuous measurement under high pressure conditions, the inner pressure of the sensor and KCl electrolyte has to be kept higher than the process pressure by 30-50kPa. Instrument air is required to maintaint this positive pressure on the reference junction during measurement in the system.

KCL No Supply (NOS) type electrode sensors and holders

The KCL no supply type pH/ORP electrode seals in the KCl electrolyte at the teflon junction and eliminates the need to replenish the electrolyte solution. In addition, this type of electrode is also immune to external pressure up to 0.5MPa. The limitations are such that it is not for use above 50C, low ion concentration water, heavily contaminated water (mixed with oils, etc), and mounting on tightly sealed tanks under sub atmospheric pressure.

There are two types of NOS electrodes available. The leadless tpe and the lead type. the leadless type includes a preamplifier and replaceable battery. It converts the output inpedance and provides an output signal compensated at the temperature of 25C by the 2 wire system, thus providing a noise resistant feature.

Standard Specifications

Construction PP(polypropylene) and Stainless Steel
Wetted parts material Epoxy resin, Fluororesin
Sample Conditions Pressure: 0-0.5MPa
flow speed : 2m/s or less
Inner electrode Ag/AgCl

Replaceable tip electrodes with replaceable reference junctions are also available.

For detailed information of available electrodes, holder types, extension cables, junction boxes and configurations, etc,. please see technical HC-8 spec sheet (PDF)

Specifications and availablility subject to change without notice.