pH/ORP Analyzers/Transmitters, 2wire

Industrial Process pH and ORP Meters

General Information

The DKK-TOA Industrial process control pH and ORP analyzers and transmitters are available from Analyticon with many options and configurations available to accommodate an entire range of applications. As a leader in analytical sensor technology, many years of expertise and innovation have been incorporated into the finest process control equipment in the world.

Every process monitoring environment will have unique requirements including sensor configuration of the electrode, cell type and configuration, system pressure and cleaning requirements.

In addition to the main controller, Analyticon offers automatic sensor cleaning devices including water jet, ultrasonic, chemical and physical sensor cleaning units.

Industrial pH Control

The HDM-136A series pH analyzers/transmitters are designed as outdoor controllers incorporating a 2 wire signal and AC voltage supply to the unit.


  • 2 wire unit with built in microprocessor featuring isolated output, digital indication and rainproof construction.
  • Simplified Calibration. Data from up to 5 standards can be stored in memory for single action calibration.
  • Automatic evaluation of electrode quality. Sensor monitors status of electrode during calibration and displays error messages if out of specification.
  • Adjustable pH range
  • Standby mode as "current pH hold" during maintenance work.
  • External output hold command function during cleaning.
  • Measured value shift function for correlation
  • Manual temperature compensation function if needed by electrode system (Non-pt temp probe).
  • Auto determination of 10kOhm and 1kOhm pt temp resistant probe.
  • Automatic temperature compensation for pH. Std conversion at 25C
  • Self Diagnostics. Automatically detects damage to glass membrane, temp probe, abnormal data, and indicated by triggering upper/lower alarm limit (adjustable)
pH/ORP Analyzers/Transmitters, 2wire
pH/ORP Analyzers/Transmitters, 2wire
pH/ORP Analyzers/Transmitters, 2wire
HDM-136A series pH analyzers/transmitters