Automatic COD Analyser

This instrument performs analysis of COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) in river water or plant effluent.

The analysis is based on the "Acid Potassium Permanganate Method" (conforms to JIS K0102). In cases where the sample contains a high level of chlorine ions (such as sea water), an alternative alkali measurement method is employed.


  • Oxidation / reduction potentiometric titration eliminates the need for electrode reagents.
  • Input and output terminals provided for a range of telemetry signals including diagnostic alarm outputs, remote stop/start etc.
  • Auto-calibration module performs pre-programmed calibration sequences.
  • Internal memory can store of data over a period of 14 days for easy retrieval by operator.
  • Easy operator input using a touch-screen.
Automatic COD Analyser
Automatic COD Analyser