Process Titrator

This analyzer automatically measures component concentration in process streams using the principal of titration.

Analytical operations such as sampling from process line, dilution with solvent, titration, end point detection and titration cell cleaning are automatically controlled together with concentration calculations and data processing by built- in microprocessor based controller. The result is transmitted by 4~20mA signal.


  • Single Stream, Single Component Suitable for measurement of single stream and single component.
  • Analyzer Calibration is initiated by one touch action. The component concentration is calculated on the basis of a calibration curve which is internally derived from a set of parameters such as titrant concentration and sample volume and automatically up-dated. As pre-determined sample or mixed solution can be used as a calibration standard, a previous analysis of titrant concentration is not required.
  • Measurement range can be easily changed by the operator. Range is decided by titrant concentration and sample volume. Titrant concentration is selected by operator and two types of sampling volumes, are available for high and low sample concentration.
  • Interface to peripheral equipment is available. By interfacing to a host computer, information such as analysis results and equipment status is transmitted to the host computer.
  • One reagent pump system is equipped as standard. Reagent pump (capacity: 10mL) is used for injection of masking reagent before titration and for injection of cleaning solution into titration cell and electrode.
Process Titrator
Process Titrator