T-70 series Economical Titrators

Easy to use and affordable models for and routine analysis.

The TA-70 Acidity Titrator, TS-70 Salt Titrator, and TP-70 Potentiometric Titrator are three single purpose models for acidity and salinity control.


  • Analysis Data Storage
  • Fast Titration Mode
  • Care-free Operation with Durable Glass Electrode
  • External Printer Available
  • Micro Volume Titration Kit (option)
  • Potentiometric single End point Titrations can be performed.
  • LCD with Backlight
  • Results memory for 100 measured samples with re-analysis function of previous data
  • External Printer available for Date, time, mode, parameters, sample No., name, initial and final potential, graph, and results dual RS-232 ports for Sampler interface, External printer, and turntable.
  • Software available for spreadsheet re-analysis
  • Options include a multi-sampler for 12, 24, or 36 samples.

Peripherals and interface software

The T-70 series titrators can accommodate our TTT-510 Sampling device for multiple sample handling. We also have a micro titration adapter for small sample analysis. There is a standard RS-232C interface with software available for downloading instrument data or real time data to standard spreadsheet format on a PC.

Simple and economical

Each instrument has its own particular method for analysis and calculation capability. They are designated for the type of analysis each instrument is designed for.

Micro-titrations are now possible with the small volume titration adapter.

With the sampling device, you can completely automate your procedure from running the calibration standards, then standardizing the titrant, and then automatically running multiple samples without any operator intervention.

Titration Methods

The T-70 series titrators has the ability to perform the type of titration it is designed for with calculation capability. This allows for fast and easy set-up for most routine titrations. A recalculation mode allows for re-analysis of previous data.

TA-70 Acidity Titrator
TA-70 Acidity Titrator
TS-70 Salt Titrator
TS-70 Salt Titrator
TP-70 Potentiometric Titrator
TP-70 Potentiometric Titrator