Multi Parameter Water Quality Meter, WQC-24

Simultaneous measurement of up to 11 parameters including pH, DO, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, and salinity.

The WQC-24 Water Quality Checker is a multi-parameter portable field instrument and sonde by DKK-TOA for measuring up to 11 of 17 available simultaneous water quality parameters.

This advanced technology allows for a highly compact, high performance probe which can measure pH, Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Conductivity, and Salinity. The sensor can be used as a remote data logger / Sonde for up to 35 days of monitoring at 15 minute intervals.

The standard probe design, with a 45mm (less than 2 inch) outer diameter, can provide measurement of 17 available parameters. The instrument also features an interface port for connection to a global positioning system (GPS), Local area network(LAN), printer, or PC interface via standard RS-232.

The new WQC-log software control package allows for data transfer and control with a PC in a standard spreadsheet configuration.


  • A remote sonde/sensor for 35 day data memory storage when using 15 minute interval logging function.
  • GPS interface port or RS-232, LAN, Cell phone, or other data communications is standard. Latitude and longitude coordinates can be stored with measured data.
  • The Standard sensor can measure up to 11 simultaneous parameters out of 17 available parameters.
  • pH, DO. Turbidity, Temperature, Conductivity, Salinity, Total Dissolved Solids, and Specific gravity.
  • Options are available for ORP, specific ions including nitrate, chloride, fluoride, calcium, potassium, and ammonium ion, chlorophyll and Depth.
  • Measurement to a depth of 100 Meters is possible.
WQC-24 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter
WQC-24 Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter
WQC-24 Ion
WQC-24 Ion
WQC-24 pH Meter
WQC-24 pH
WQC-24 Probe
WQC-24 Probe


Product WQC-24 Portable Water Quality Meter
Display LCD, Digital
Waterproof Construction Meter: IP-67, JIS C0920 (assuming cable is connected).
Sensor Module: Waterproof up to 1 MPa pressure.
Interface Port Standard RS-232C, can be extended to printer, GPS, LAN or cellular phone.
Analog Outputs: DC 0-1V, 2 channels selectable fom measured parameters (common line)
Digital Outputs One alarm output and one measurement timing output (DC36v, 100mA or less, open collectore type with common line)
Data Storage: Internal memory can store 14 parameters for 35 days (for measurement interval of 15 minutes). 3,360 data sets.
Power Source Meter; 2 x AA size dry batteries or AC adapter
Sensor; 3 x A3 dry batteries.
Outline Dimensions; Meter; 187.5(l) x 75(w) x 37.5(h) mm (approx., excluding projections). Sensor; 45 (OD) x 408 (l) mm
Weight: Meter; 320g (approx.)
Sensor; 1350g (approx)
Operating Temp.: Meter; 0-40C
Sensor; 0-50C

Standard Measurement Item Specifications

Item Indicating range Repeatability Measuring Method Calibration
pH or Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) 0.0 - 14.0 pH
-2000 - 2000mV
+/- 0.05pH
+/- 5mV
Glass electrode
Platinum electrode
2 or 3 point calibration
4,7, 9 pH
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) 0.00 to 20.00mg/L
+/- 0.1mg/L
+/- 1%
Galvanic Diaphragm electrode Zero/Span
Specific Electric Conductivity 0.00 to 10.00S/m
fixed or Autorange
+/- 1% FS AC 4 electrode Capable
Salt 0.00 to 4.00%
0.0 to 40.0%(sea water)
+/- 0.1% EC conversion Capable
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 0.0 to 100.0 g/L +/- 2g/L EC conversion Capable
Sea Water Specific Gravity 0.0 to 50.0 ot +/- 0.1ot EC conversion Capable
Temperature -5.00 to 55.00C +/- 0.25C Pt thin film resistive Capable
Turbidity (TURB) 0.0 to 800.0 NTU
0.0 to 800.0 mg/L
+/- 3%FS 90 degree light scattering method (IR) Zero/Span

Sensor Module-System configuration chart

Parameters Display Range Repeatability (Meter) Measurement Method Calibration
pH 0-14 +/- 0.05 pH Glass Electrode 2 or 3 point calibration at 4,7,9 pH
DO 0-20 mg/l +/- 0.1 mg/l Galvanic membrane electrode Span Calib.
Conductivity 0-10 S/m
3 auto ranges
+/- 1% FS AC 4 electrode Span Calib.
Salt 0-4 % +/- 0.1 % Conv. from Cond.
TDS 0-100 g/l +/- 2 g/l Conv. from Cond.
Seawater Specific Gravity 0-50ot +/- 0.1ot Conv. from Cond.
Temperature -5-50 C +/- 0.25 C Thin film Pt resistance
Turbidity 0-800 NTU +/- 3% FS trans/scattered light zero and span
Water Depth 0.0-100.0 m +/- 0.1m diaphragm span calib.
ORP -2000-2000 mv +/- 5 mv Pt electrode
Fluoride ion 0.019-19,000 mg/l +/- 5% rdg Ion Electrode 2 point calib.
Chloride Ion 1-35,000 mg/l +/- 5% rdg Ion Electrode 2 point calib.
Nitrate ion 0.62-62,000 mg/l +/- 5% rdg Ion Electrode 2 point calib.
Calcium ion 0.4-40,000 mg/l +/- 5% rdg Ion Electrode 2 point calib.
Potassium ion 0.39-3,900 mg/l +/- 5% rdg Ion Electrode 2 point calib.
Ammonium ion 0.09-1,800 mg/l +/- 5% rdg Ion Electrode 2 point calib.
Chlorophyll 0.0-400.0 g/l Resolution 0.1g/l Fluorescence Span Calib.
WQC-24 with ion module
WQC-24 with ion module
Sensor with Ion Module and ion electrodes
Sensor with Ion Module and ion electrodes
Sensor with Chlorophyll module
Sensor with Chlorophyll module

Main Unit

WQC-24-1-1 Portable Water Quality Meter(Terminal) and standard Sensor, complete
Water Quality meter which measures pH, DO, conductivity, turbity, salinity, temperature, and depth. Unit comes complete with sensor (2m cable), 4.01 & 6.86 pH buffers, electrolyte, DO membranes and shoulder belt.

Standard Accessories

6784580K Reference Liquid Junction 1 pce.
6789790K DO membrane 2 pcs.
OBG00007 DO Electrolyte kit , 50ml 1 btl
143F235 Reference Electrolyte inner solution, gel, 50ml 1 btl.
143F191 pH Standard Solution, pH 4.01 (500 ml) 1 btl.
143F192 pH Standard Solution, pH 6.86 (500 ml) 1 btl.
Batteries AA Batteries 5 pcs
6765800 Special tools, wrench 1 pce
67826300 special tools, driver 1 pce
67659900 Calibration container 2 pcs.
141D002 silicon grease 1 btl
6787140K Soft Case (w/ shoulder belt) 1 pce
6801640K connection cable (2m) 1 pce

Sensor Options (Factory installed)

WQC-24-1 Terminal (with 2m connector cable)
sensor -1 Standard Sensor Module
sensor-2 Ion Sensor module
sensor-3 Chlorophyll Sensor module
Any above Sensor with water depth module

Ion Sensor Module-Electrode Options

Requires Ion module. Max. 3 items.
ELR-001 Reference Electrode
F-200 Fluoride ion electrode Tip (Req. ELR-001)
CL-200B Chloride ion electrode Tip (Req. ELR-001)
N-300 Nitrate ion electrode Tip (Req. ELR-001)
CA-300 Calcium ion electrode Tip (Req. ELR-001)
K-300B Potassium ion electrode Tip (Req. ELR-001)
ELX-002 Ammonium ion electrode Tip

Standard Sensor Accessories

ELR-001 Reference Electrode (common use for pH/ORP)
ELP-023 Glass pH Electrode tip
ELM-004 ORP Electrode tip
ELD-001 DO Electrode Unit
ELZ-001 EC/Turbidity Unit

Consumable Items

6784580K Reference Liquid Junction
6789790K DO membrane kit , 2 pcs.
OBG00007 DO Electrolyte kit , 50ml x 3
143F235 Reference Electrolyte inner solution, gel, 50ml btl
143F191 pH Standard Solution, pH 4.01 (500 ml)
143F192 pH Standard Solution, pH 6.86 (500 ml)
143F193 pH Standard Solution, pH 9.18 (500 ml)
pH4.01CL Color coded pH Standard Solution, pH 4.01 (500 ml)
pH6.86CL Color coded pH Standard Solution, pH 6.86 (500 ml)
pH9.18CL Color coded pH Standard Solution, pH 9.18 (500 ml)
6801710K Connector cap
P000119 Printer Chart Paper, 20 rolls
ORD00001 Ink Ribbon

Optional Parts

6801640K Connection Cable, 2m (standard accessory)
6801641K Connection Cable, 10m
6812972K Connection Cable, 30m
6812973K Connection Cable, 100m
OGC00005 RS-232C Connection Cable, 1m
OGC00006 RS-232C Connection Cable, 2m
OGC00007 RS-232C Connection Cable, 4m
OGC00008 RS-232C Connection Cable, 10m
654827K Analogue Output cable
EPS-G Printer
6812970K GPS unit (with RS-232C cable)
6812980K Depth Sensor Unit
WQC-LOG Data Control Software