pH/ORP Wall mount, 160 Series, Safe type

The SHBM-161 is a 2-wire pH analyzer/transmitter housed in a compact, aluminum die-cast enclosure.

The SHBM-163 is a 2-wire ORP analyzer/transmitter housed in the same type of enclosure as the SHBM-161. These two intrinsically safe devices both feature a rugged construction that is explosion-proof grade Exia II CT4 and consistent with IP65 standards.


  • One-touch automatic stability judgment function to eliminate operating errors, allowing for accurate calibrations (check) with standard solutions. Transmitter automatically judges the electrode character during calibration and displays the results on the screen.
  • 9 water-resistant switches on the outside of the front panel, making it possible to conduct routine maintenance operations without opening the enclosure.
  • Equipped with a wide range of analyzer/transmitter functions, such as pH electrode crack detection, temperature compensation for sample pH values, and pH/ORP value shift.
  • In maintenance mode(ST-BY) output signal would be held. It could not disrupt control system like chemical feed. Unit automatically switches back to measurement mode after two hours in maintenance mode (ST-BY).
pH/ORP Wall mount, 160 Series, Safe type
pH/ORP Wall mount, 160 Series, Safe type