Analyticon is a leading provider of analytical instruments, laboratory meters, water quality measuring instruments, and process monitors.

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Automatic Titrators

Simultaneous Dual Titration capability. Fully Expandable for all types of Applications with network capability. More

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Carbon Dioxide Meter

The Carbon Dioxide Meter is a field operated Instrument for measuring CO2 and temperature in both gas and liquid phase. More

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Multi Parameter Water Quality Meter

Simultaneous measurement of up to 11 parameters including pH, DO, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, and salinity. More

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Oil on Water Monitors

The DKK-TOA Industrial process control pH and ORP analyzers and transmitters have many options and configurations available to accommodate an entire range of applications. More

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About Analyticon

Since 1988, Analyticon has been in the business of selling laboratory equipment, instruments, meters and monitors for environmental markets, analytical laboratory, water and wastewater industries, pharmaceutical markets, petroleum industry, and semiconductor and electronics manufacturing markets.