Reagentless Free Residual Chlorine Analyzer

Reagent-less Free Chlorine Analyser

Model CLF-110 / CLF-111 Reagent-less Free Chlorine Analyser, Industrial Process Monitor

The main applications for this instrument are for the measurement of free available chlorine concentration in feed water at filtration plants, pumping stations and end-of-pipe distribution points.


  • Long term, stable measurement using a sensor which contains a contact-free swing rotary residual chlorine electrode (includes beads cleaning system).
  • Transmitter with built-in microcomputer includes a full range of diagnostic functions including low flow rate detection, calibration error, etc.
  • Non-reagent system eliminates the need for regular reagent supply.
  • Stable and reliable operation can be further enhanced by adding optional auto-calibration and auto-cleaning functions.
Reagentless Free Residual Chlorine Analyzer Diagram
Reagentless Free Residual Chlorine Analyzer