Resistivity Panel Mount, Ultrapure Water

Resistivity Analyzer for Ultra-Pure Water

The AQM-100A is a compact and lightweight panel type resistivity analyzer. This model, which allows for a wide range of temperature compensations from 0 to 100°C, is suitable for measuring the resistivity of ultra-pure water (0 – 20MΩ·cm) used in semiconductor manufacturing plants, etc. The 4 – 20mADC transmission out- put and alarm contact output (2 circuits, contact "c") come standard. Various features include sample water temperature display.


  • Compact DIN 96 size
  • Features compact and lightweight design – Dimensions: 96mm x 96mm (DIN standard) x 90mm
  • Temperature compensation through microprocessor calculations. Comparing to analog-type instruments, highly accurate temperature compensation is achieved with a wider temperature range covered.
  • Suitable for high-temperature applications up to 99.9°C The unit can be used for measurements during hot water sterilization processes for ultra-pure water.
  • 2 detectors connectable (optional feature). Water quality index at 2 different locations can be dis- played; this is selectable by key operation. However, note that transmission output and alarm contact output correspond to the selected detector only.
  • Temperature display as well as resistivity, sample water temperature can also be monitored at each point of measurement.
  • The model operates on a universal AC power supply at 90 – 264VAC.
  • Cell constant adjustable when replacing the detector to a new one, the cell con- stant can be easily adjusted by key operation . This ensures the value to be measured accurately.
  • 2 alarm points setting available. 2 alarm points corresponding to measured values can be set; low-limit alarm and lower-low-limit alarm or upper-limit alarm and lower-limit alarm. If the measured value falls below the set point, the corresponding LED, "ALM 1" or "ALM 2," illuminates and no-voltage contact will be activated.
  • Isolated 4 – 20mADC transmission output signals. 2 isolated 4 – 20mA signals are available for connec- tion to any external device.
  • Easy determination of detector and transmitter quality By removing the detector's connector and replacing it with an equivalent resistance calculator, whether a fault is caused by the detector's side or transmitter's side (including the cable) can be assessed.
  • RS-232C interface (optional feature). Resistivity and solution temperature data can be output via RS-232C connection.
Resistivity Panel Mount, Ultrapure Water
Resistivity Panel Mount, Ultrapure Water