Fluoride Ion monitor / transmitter

The model FBM-300 provides fast and continuous detection of free chloride ion concentration in water.

It is widely used for monitoring water treatment processes and effluent from wastewater plants. It is also used int he semiconductor industry to monitor washed-water from plants that use hydrogen fluoride.


  • Simple weatherproof construction suitable for field installation with pole or wall mounting. Wiring access and operation can be carried out from the front of the monitor.
  • The use of I.S.E. (ion selective electrode) method provides excellent selectivity.
  • Simple combination type sensor. immersed into the sample detects only fluoride ions. The lead-less type electrode is easily mounted on or removed from the sensor holder.
  • The sensor features a "non-supplying" type reference electrode. The liquid junction of the reference electrode is made of a porous fluorocarbon resin, thus it is not subject to any fouling.
  • With a sample combining 2mg/L fluoride ion, an alarm will be generated within 30 seconds at 90% response.
  • Automatic check of electrode characteristics and accessing of calibration archives. During calibration, the electrode characteristics such as voltage potential of electrode and it potential slope are automatically checked and if any failures are detected, error messages will be displayed accordingly. Since the past twelve calibration records including time and date of calibration can be accessed at any time, the deterioration of electrode is easily detected.
  • Self-diagnostics of sensors, including a temperature probe is automatically carried out during measurement and if any failures are found, an alarm output contact is energized.
  • Two control signal outputs are available for high and low limits with adjustable delay time and band gap.
  • Calibration using standard liquid is activated by one-touch action.
  • Control outputs are provided for external electrode cleaners such as chemical cleaner, water-jet cleaner, and brush cleaner. Setting times of cleaning direction, cleaning interval, and extended hold output signal are adjustable.
Fluoride Ion monitor / transmitter
Fluoride Ion monitor / transmitter