Ozone Meter, handheld, 0-2mg/l

The OZ-21P Ozone Meter, handheld, 0-2mg/l provides an instant measurement of dissolved ozone in potable water by the use of a polarographic sensor.

This unit is similar in technical operation to the Residual Chlorine Meter, Low range, 0-2ppm.

A unique beads polishing system incorporated at the electrode system maintains the electrode in good working condition, free of interferences at the gold microelectrode, and ensures stable measurement.

The meter also indicates the sample temperature and includes a built-in-clock. The instrument can store one set of results (measurement, temperature and time) in memory for later retrieval. Power is provided by two standard AA batteries which have an operating life of up to 50 hours.


  • Reagent Free, low operating cost
  • Simple measurement by pressing start button after immersion
  • Auto hold function is available
  • 0-2mg/l measuring range
  • Stable measurement by polarograph method using beads polishing system
  • Data storage memory for 300 sample results
  • External printer option
Ozone Meter, handheld, 0-2mg/l
Ozone Meter, handheld, 0-2mg/l


Model OZ-21P
Sensor OZ-221A
Measuring Method Polarographic method
Indication digital display, Ozone concentration, temp., and time simultaneous
Sample Water Ozonated water, City water or well water. Used or dirty disinfection wash water not measurable.
Range: Dissolved Ozone : 0-2.0 mg/L(ppm), lower detection limit is 0.05mg/L
water Temperature: 5 to 40 degrees C.
Repeatability Auto Hold Mode 1: Diss. Ozone: +/-5% F.S.(+/- 0.1 mg/L) or less. Temp: +/-0.5C
Auto Hold Mode 2: Diss. Ozone: +/-10% F.S.(+/- 0.2 mg/L) or less. Temp: +/-1.0C
Response time Auto Hold Mode 1: Shorter than 1 min, 30 seconds at 25C
Auto Hold Mode 2: Shorter than 1 min at 25C
Water Conditions pH 5.5to 8.5, Electric Conductivity 10-200 S/m(100uS-2mS/cm), 100-200ml/min flow, stable
Interferences Oxidation/Reducing Substances
Temp. Compensation Automatic (0-40 C)
Calibration zero/span or by coefficient input method/correlation to colorimetric or alternate technique
Material Main Unit: ABS
Sensor: PVC, Gold, Silver, Epoxy resin, ABS, silicon, Polyethelyne, Stainless steel Alumina
Sensor Cable 1M standard. Optional 3m cable available
RS-232 C Output Printer output, RS-232C Standard
Water Proof construction IP67 type, JIS C920 protection class 7
Power Source 2x AA cells or AC adapter(option)
Dimensions / weight Main Body: 75mm(W) x 187(H) x 37(D)
Approx. 305g, sensor 180g

Main Unit Information for OZ-21P

OZ-21P Ozone Meter, handheld, 0-2mg/l with std accessories
Portable meter complete with digital LCD display. Standard Cell includes Electrode OZ-221AA ). Meter complete with sensor, measuring container, beads polishing kit, hand strap, vinyl case, instruction manual and batteries.

Standard Accessories

OZ-221-AA Ozone sensor, 1 meter cable. 1 pce
136C300 Measuring cell 1 pce
01Z00005 Beads Polishing Kit 1 pce
OLZ00001 Cathode Polishing Paper 1 pce
OTZ00006 Hand Strap 1 pce
OOZ00001 Exclusive driver 1 pce
OTZ00005 Vinyl Case 1 pce
Batteries LR6, AA 2 pcs
Manual Instruction manual 1 pce
Reference Sheet Quick reference manual 1 pce

Options for OZ-21P

OZ-221-AA(3) Ozone Electrode, 3 meter cable.
6787400K Beads Polishing Kit, SUS
6795740K Maintenance Kit
EPS-G External Printer
P0000119 Printer Chart roll paper
ORD00001 Ink Ribbon for printer
134G585 AC adapter and cable
OGC00006 RS-232C interface cable, 2m
137C401 Carrying case
ODA00001 Storage Case
6787140K Soft Case
6787410K Stick holder, Extension rod holder for sensor

Consumables for the OZ-21P

OZ-221AA DO sensor, 1m
OIZ00005 Bead Polishing Kit
123G007 Ceramin Beads